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About Us

ORA offers its clients complete advisory and investment services specifically designed for the individual owner, investor, or user. ORA provides services for all commercial and residential property types. ORA provides an executive level management approach to the tasks of real estate ownership, occupancy and investment. Through our life-cycle approach, ORA works closely with owners, investors, and users of real estate to develop and execute sophisticated real estate strategies aimed at improving operations, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of your real estate holdings, minimizing risk, and unlocking unrealized value.

ORA aligns our interests with those of our clients. ORA draws on the wealth of experience as consultants, advisors, landlord and tenant representatives, property managers, investors, operators and developers of real estate to assist clients in overcoming challenges and realizing opportunities. ORA adds further depth by using core problem-solving competency for healthy and troubled assets.

Andrew O’Neill began his real estate career in the early 1990’s and has nearly 21 years working within the real estate industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse perspective to his clients. Through the years, Andrew has provided a wide spectrum of services across all property types. This has enabled Andrew’s clients to realize great returns on their investment and add tremendous value to their assets.

Real estate decisions can sometimes require legal or accounting expertise and ORA ensures that the necessary considerations are addressed. At its core, ORA is built around a team building concept. In order to meet the need for individual investors and clients, ORA assembles highly skilled teams of experienced professionals to provide objective financial advice and analysis, transaction support, legal advice, and strategy consulting to clients across a broad range of property types.