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Case Studies

Seller Representation

Wanchul Lee Associates is an architecture firm located in   Georgetown, DC and have owned and occupied their own building for over 25 years.  This historic, federal style property was built in 1815 had been the firms headquarters.  Mr. Lee was winding down his practice and was receving pressure from his lender to sell the property due to debt owed.  He needed to dispose of the property and prepare for retirement.  The company had engaged other firms who were unsuccessful in selling the property.  Mr. Lee hired ORA and within six months ORA was able to procure a commercial buyer who paid close to asking price for the property.  The company’s debt was successfully retired and the lender was satfisfied.

Buyer Representation

Cartridge Technologies, Inc. located in Gaithersburg, Maryland have owned a printing equipment company for 14 years and have leased space all that time.  They prefer to own something in the Washington market when their lease expires.  They are determined to find a building that contains both an office component and a warehouse portion to accomodate their needs.  After searching for almost 2 years, they are able to purchase a building by making an offer on a property that was not listed for sale at the time.

Hanna and Ricardo are interested in opening a new location for their retail business but are new to Washington, DC and not familiar with the neighborhoods.  They want to know the best locations for their business and need help in trying to figure out exactly how much space they should take.  They are considering buying because they think property values might increase but are not sure what the lease values are.  Hanna and Ricardo need help to analyze both options of buying and leasing.

Consulting & Advisory

Jack is a retired doctor who has owned several mixed-use properties throughout Maryland and DC and wants to determine if each of the properties is providing optimal return.  Given the changing market values and some tenants that may be vacating, he needs to determine what investment, rehab, or repositioning meets his 5 – year plan.

AREG Realty is a small partnership that is developing commercial properties, but requires assistance in helping to lease and manage several existing building and units.  The partnership would like to dedicate their time to development and have their other properties leased and managed by a third party so they can focus their energy on the development projects.

Land & Real Estate Valuation

Mrs. Roberts is a 67-year widow who with her husband acquired several properties over 35 years and now for estate planning reasons needs to explore her options – either selling some or all of the properties.  First, Mrs. Roberts is curious as to the value of her properties. Second, she would like to understand what her options are if she sells them, and most importantly, what she should do with the proceeds since she has considerable tax gains issues.

Development Advisory & Feasibility Analysis

Tony and his partner inherited a small office building and lot adjacent to it.  He is interested in developing the lot.  Tony wants to know if it makes sense to build on the parcel of land, and if so, what he can build on it and what form the ownership he should devise.